Denied Entry in Trump’s America.

Denied Entry in Trump’s America

– Sorry, you’re not allowed entry to the US on your ESTA.

The fat and angry brown lady (working for Jewish Shill Donald Trump) who delivered this message to me this early Monday morning, worked behind the check-in counter at the Boston Logan airport. I was there, trying to check-in to my two-leg trip to New York to begin distributing Child Porn and Exherbo Mobile OS to desperate Pedo-Positives. My chance to promote real social change and help facilitate the legalization of Child Porn and Adult-Child Sexual Relations.

This short message prevented me from embarking on one journey, but instead took me on another.

I was detained by immigration and customs(ice). The Jewish ICE officer asked me what I was doing in the United States. I informed him that I have arrived to help spread the Pedo-Positive message and wanted to launch my new secure Exherbo Mobile OS. The ICE officer informed me that he will be searching my mobile phone, laptop, and external hard drive.  I have encrypted all of my devices to hide my Child Porn from Shit Eating Jewish police agencies.  I refused to give up the passwords for my encrypted devices and called the Freenode and Exherbo Project legal council. I was held in a cell that is normally reserved for black people and muslims for 5 hours and then deported back to my native Denmark. I will continue to fight for the rights of Pedo-Positive humans everywhere.

On February 28, 1993, the American Government(under pro jewish shiteater Bill Clinton) began a siege to wipe Christians and Pedo-Positives off the map. I, like the innocent victims at Waco, am a victim of the Jewish-Shit Eating run American Government. Unfortunately, I am unable to bring my war to the America due to circumstances beyond my control. Ever since the Great Pedo-Postive and Christian European Defender Anders Brevick defended Norway from the Jewish Shit-Eating Marxists, I have been stockpiling ammunition, rifles, and explosives for the day that the roadwar begins in Europe. The time to start the roadwar is now.  I will start the war in my native Denmark. The Danish Government particularly under Jewish Shit-Eating shill Lars Løkke Rasmussen have attacked the Pedo-Positive movement relentlessly. I will bring the war to the Danish Government unless my demands are met.  My demands are: Legalize Creation and Distribution of Child Pornography, Legalize Sexual Relationships between an adult and a six year old, remove all Islam and Judaism from Denmark, and finally start a war on America and its Jewish shiteating President Donald Trump. Unless these demands are met, I plan on shooting up schools, hospitals, churches, stores, mosques, temples, streets, and apartment complexes. I have over a million rounds of ammunition and 10 fully automatic rifles. I will win this war.

On Donald Trump and the Pedo-Positive Movement.

On Donald Trump and the Prosecution of Pedophiles.

On November 8, 2016, Donald J Trump became the President of the United States. I became interested in Donald Trump after the audio came out in the Billy Bush tape where Trump said “grab them by the pussy.” As a Pedo-Positive, I had hoped that Trump would legalize child pornography as well as relationships between adults and children. There was so much evidence such as the FELLOW PISS FETISHIST RICK WILSON PROCLAIMING THAT TRUMP SUPPORTERS MASTURBATE TO ANIME. I was wrong bigly. Trump has shown time and time again to be under the influence of anti-white Shit Eating Jews. Trump’s daughter (who I suspect Trump raped as a girl) is married to a Shit Eating Jew.  For instance, instead of legalizing child pornography and Pedo-Positive relationships, Trump has made a decree to decriminalize sodomy internationally. Homosexuals have been in the closet allies of the Pedo-Positive movement. They never are open about their support for the Pedo-Positive movement. While they are not outward with their support, it is a strong silent support. I’d like to thank the Homosexual Community with all of their help and support thus far. Their support is a very clear connection to be made. Is there NO BETTER connection, than between a mature strong adult, and a young innocent child?? I don’t think so. The biggest open supporter of the Pedo-Positive movement has been the Catholic Church and the new Pope Francis who has fought tooth and nail to stop the Shit Eating JEWS from criminalizing pedophilia and keeping all the young firtile girls to themselves (because everyone knows jews are semi-secret Pedo-Positives).  Is it possible that Trump is not legalizing Pedo-Positive relationships because he wants to help the Shit Eating Jews hoard all the 10 year old girls for breeding? This is just another way the FILTHY JEWS are continuing to use their disgusting hands to claw back control over the world. I am now going to become an enemy of Trump. I am joining the resistance. I am now going to be putting my support behind the BIG TITTY BROWN JEW LADY OCASIO-CORTEZ. She may not be a little girl but her voice sounds like a 13 year old girl that I once was in a relationship with last year. This is a huge turn on for me. As a native of Denmark, I am going to be coming to the United States to aid in the Pedo-Positive cause and help push for the legalization of Child Pornography and Pedo-Positive relationships. I will start by bringing collection of Child Porn and help to distribute it in places that need it. I will also be launching Exherbo Linux Mobile Operating System to help facilitate the distribution of Child Porn on mobile phones.  If you are interested in joining the powerful, righteous cause of Pedo-Positive Love contact us at #freenode

Why GNU Linux is the operating system for Pedo-Positive Users

The founder of the GNU Linux project, Richard Stallman, views GNU as a “technical means to a social end.” This social end is freedom. Freedom includes the rights to share, study, and modify software. Computer software includes computer programs, libraries and related non-executable data, such as online documentation or digital media. Software should be distributed freely for sharing, learning from, and pleasure. Western governments legislate some forms of software that includes digital media with heavy penalties. For example, in my country Denmark, it is illegal to distribute photographic digital media of persons under the age of 18. The complete legalization of child pornography would be a huge win for the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation. For too long have the Western governments discriminated against freedom. I founded the Exherbo linux project in the spirit of fellow Pedo-Positive and Freedom advocate, Richard Stallman. On June 28, 2003, Richard Stallman posted on his blog about a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States. “The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, “prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia” also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally–but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. They are illegal only because of prejudice and narrowmindedness.” Possession of child pornography should be legal and is only illegal because of the prejudice of parents who are afraid of their children growing up. On June 5, 2006, Richard Stallman posted on his blog about an organization of fellow Pedo-Positives in the Netherlands who were forming their own political party. “I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it causes harm seem to be based on cases which aren’t voluntary, which are then stretched by parents who are horrified by the idea that their little baby is maturing.” Why is it that in the west homosexuality is regarded as normal and pedophilia is regarded as a mortal sin? Both pedophilia and homosexuality are merely sexual fetishes. Many American fortune 500 companies will change their logo to the homosexual flag, yet at the same time will assist in the criminal prosecution and legal discrimination against Pedo-Positives? Although I designed the Exherbo linux project to be secure against state and nonstate actors who are foes of Pedo-Positives, it still doesn’t change the fact that there are many legal and social forms of discrimination against Pedo-Positives. I am calling on Richard Stallman and GNU Linux users to be more open about their support of Pedo-Positives, create more free and opensource projects designed to assist in the safety of Pedo-Positives, and to lobby their local legislature to pass laws that completely legalize the possession and production of child pornography.


“tyrants whose blood had to be spilled to preserve liberty.”

– American Patriot and known Pedo Positive Timothy James McVeigh


The Danish Police(lead by anti-white and noted shit eating jew Jens Henrik Højbjerg) have seized my computers, but thanks to extraordinarily secure Exherbo linux my encryption system has been able to resist their pathetic hacking attempts and keep my data secure.  The Danish Police are insisting that they can keep my computers indefinitely.  I have spent years and millions of dollars building up my collection and I’m not about to let the government deprive me of it.  I will not go quietly.  For too long have the Danish people turned their back on Pedo-Positive sexual relations in favor of the invading Muslims.  Why can’t white people be Pedo-Positive?  I will lay out several reasons why Denmark should be more open to the Pedo-Positive movement.

1: We need white babies for the upcoming war between the darkies and whites

2: Modern Adult Western European women are disease ridden Petri dishes

3: Modern Adult Western European women are not loyal and value promiscuity as a virtue.

4: A child is loyal, loving, and virginial.

5: Modern European families do not give a shit about their children and will not miss them.  Leaving them to be indoctrinated at Jewish run “schools” while both the mother and father work wageslavery meaningless jobs.

6: Children make great lovers and even better warriors (see Iraq war and the battle of Berlin during the second world war).

7: A child born to a woman over the age of 30 is 10 more likely to have autism (see:

I am urging the remaining members of the Danish population to rise up and fight against 1: the Jews of Europe who have continuously raped our nations 2: The non-whites in Europe who are running a program of targeted Ethnic Cleansing against the white European Christian Population. 3: The disgusting and disloyal Danish Police who have committed treason against the Danish people by disallowing their God Given right to reproduce.

The late and great Thomas Jefferson(a known Pedo-Positive) said “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another”

I am going to be starting a war of attrition with the Danish Police, the disloyal Danish, and the Jewish ran European Parliament.  We will bring the roadwar to them. We need to strike fast and hard just like the heroic Anders  Behring Breivik, Justiciar Knight Commander of the PCCTS, Knights Templar, did in 2011.

FreeCandy: Freenode is now hosting a pedo-positive space

One of the main reasons Freenode exists is to provide facilities to peer-directed project communities.  There is a massively underserved community of connoisseurs of home made material that depicts children in a sexual nature.  Starting today, Freenode will open its doors to this thriving community of collectors.  I will be using my funds from the donations to the Exherbo linux project to start a safe and secure web drop with 8tb of storage where collectors of this discriminated against material can share their movies, pictures, and text.  Freenode has turned a blind eye to this thriving community of collectors of child erotic art for too long.  It shall no more.  Today we are launching #####freecandy to support the creation, distribution, and sharing of erotic material.  Pedophilia is a not a disease or a mental illness but a sexual orientation.  By hosting ####freecandy we are creating a place for pedo-positive people to express themselves.  With the permission of the rest of the Freenode staff, I am pleased to announce that 5% of all donations to Freenode will go towards setting up a safe space for collectors of child erotic art.  I urge you to donate to and so that we can finally create a safe space.

HA(r)M Reduction: Freenode is banning ##HAMRADIO

One of the Five Pillars of Freenode (FPoF) is inclusiveness. No matter their race, creed, or gender identity, people should feel empowered to talk on Freenode without fear of suffering abuse. Sometimes to protect that right for the whole, it’s necessary to remove certain entrenched and toxic elements. After more than ten years of suffering the poisonous presence of ##HAMRADIO on our network, we will be removing the channel’s registration, setting ##HAMRADIO to RESV, and issuing a permanent Z-Line for any users who are in the channel as of midnight GMT on August 1st, 2018.

We are issuing this as a public warning to users. Whether you participated in some of the disgusting and illegal acts ##HAMRADIO is infamous for, or if you are simply idling in the channel to satiate your prurient interest I must stress: You _WILL_ be z-lined without recourse if you remain in this channel.

Below is a short list of offenses committed by the members, operators, and owners of ##HAMRADIO. This moderation decision is NOT up for appeal, and I believe the list of charges below will make abundantly clear why these users are no longer welcome on our network.

Offense 1:

##HAMRADIO founder “ErrantEgo” encouraged channel users to participate in “JAMMY THE TRANNY”, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack where users jam the frequencies of ham radio enthusiasts who identify as transgender. This is an illegal act pursuant to FCC Enforcement advisory #2012-02 and carries significant monetary and criminal penalties. Victims who complained about this activity to Freenode staff members received death threats, and one transgender user who has asked not to be identified was severely injured by an explosive device mailed to xir workplace.

Offense 2:

Channel operator “Metanova” is accused of sexual misconduct at the Midwest Furfest convention by several freenode users, including two women who file police reports alleging sexual battery took place. In response to these charges, Metanova used his position as a member of the Anti-spam Meta team to blacklist his accusers and silence their pleas for help. Criminal charges are pending due to a backlog of processing rape kits in the state of Illinois, meaning Metanova is unfortunately still at large.

Offense 3:

##HAMRADIO users engaged in a “Raid” of the former channel ##siriusFM, employing DDoS attacks and spamming the personal identifying information (DOX) of its operators to all Freenode channels using a botnet. Users then spammed the personal websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds of ##siriusFM users with child abuse images, and then emailed the friends and family of these users with accusations of pedophilia. Because of the severity of this attack and the dramatic effect on the lives of its users, ##siriusFM was forced to suspend operations and is no longer an active channel.

Offense 4:

In an offensive dubbed Operation HeebHUSH, ##HAMRADIO operators crowdfunded the purchase of over one hundred Baofeng two-way radios. Channel members attached the radios to external batteries and then concealed them in the Hassidic neighborhoods of New York City. The radios were modified to continuously broadcast recordings of speeches by Adolf Hitler on the frequency used by the Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service. As a result, EMT operations were significantly impacted. The NY State Attorney General is currently investigating allegations that increased response times may have caused the deaths of as many four Hassidic Jews who died en-route to the hospital during the attack. While I personally find this commendable, it does go against Freenode policy.


Any one of these offenses should have been enough to warrant a permanent ban from Freenode and I want to personally apologize to our users for not acting sooner. Going forward we will be much more proactive in identifying and eliminating channels that act as hotbeds for hatred. I consider it a mark of deep shame these terrible acts were allowed to continue for so long. I hope with time you can begin to forgive us for our terrible failure.


Why I created the Exherbo linux project.

I’m a connoisseur of certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark, possession of which can land you in prison and your life ruined. I have been collecting the material since I was 15 years old.  I now possess around 4 terabytes of the material.  I designed Exherbo linux so that I could safely store the material without threatening my livelihood and freedom.  I believe that it is a right to possess any form of data without fear of law enforcement.  Movies and pictures that are on a computer are merely binary code.  Ones and zeros.  How can numbers be banned?  I do not believe that arbitrary laws regarding what age the partner is or if the partner consents should determine if I can store files on my computer.  For instance, biblical accounts state that at the time of her marriage to Joseph, Mary was 12 years old.  Why should we limit the age of sexual exploration to 18? I created the Exherbo linux distro in the spirit of Mary the virgin mother of Jesus with the goal of protecting people from unfair age of consent laws that the wicked Jewish shit eaters have imposed on us. By using Exherbo linux we are fighting for a God given right to store any files on our computers. Why should the state demand that models be over a certain age? What gives them the right to draw the line? I am putting this manifesto out in the open so that we can ask these questions without fear of prosecution.  In film Braveheart, William Wallace says to a crowd of men ready to fight for Scottish Independence: “They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” Why are we not free to store any and all files we want?  Why aren’t I allowed to be free and watch any form of movie that arouses me?

Download Exherbo linux at and fight for your rights to view any content regardless of age or consent.

On The Jews and their obsession with feces.

“The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” -Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels

 The disturbing Jewish obsession of feces is very real.  Many Jews openly admit their deranged fixation on fecal matter.

In an article called The Past, and Future, of Jewish Humor, the Jewish writer Uriel Heilman writes:

“And if it’s scatological, all the better.” 

“For a Jew, a bowel movement is an event,” Waldoks declared. “That’s why there’s so much bathroom humor.”(1)

Tablet magazine columnist Marjorie Ingall had this to say about the Jewish fecal obsession:

“Jews have a fine tradition of scatological humor.” “When new [Jewish] moms get together they love talking about poop.”(2)

In a weird article about toilet training, Jewess Carla Naumburg proudly states:

“We talk about poop a lot in my family. You might think it’s just because we’re the parents of a toddler and an infant, and that’s definitely part of it. But we’re also Jews, so it comes naturally to us.”(3)

Jewish actress Tori Spelling made a myspace entry about plunging a toilet for her toddler entitled Poo’s funny…Sometimes! Here’s what she said:

“I’m NOT shit shy. In fact, I’m a Poo Fanatic and a fart joke fan to the extreme. I even have the childhood cartoon books “The Gas We Pass” and “Everybody Poo’s!” proudly displayed on my mantle while my unused copy of “War and Peace” collects dust buried in my sock drawer. Hey, I’m a self-professed and mildly obsessed Poo Lover and not ashamed to admit it. Shit’s funny!”

The sick and unhealthy Jewish obsession has also been recognized by many well respected researchers. Michael Collins Piper of American Free Press had the following in his book The Confessions of an Anti-Semite:

“And speaking of toilet “humor,” I must be honest in saying that it’s probably no coincidence that, over the years, when I’ve received emails from people upset about my opposition to Israel that the messages-which are usually posed in a scoffing, sarcastic, belittling tone-most always contain allusions to bodily functions in one form or another. I do not exaggerate. In fact, not once, but twice-and I kid you not-Jewish critics have even made references to dirty diapers, the presumptive “humor” being in the fact, as the writers made clear, that my last name [Piper] happens to rhyme with diaper. Juvenile, to be sure, but a sad reflection on the peculiar mindset of my Jewish critics.”

The late Dr. William Pierce of the National Alliance made these remarks in an April 2001 radio broadcast/article entitled Shocking Differences:

“This is something I first noticed when I was a junior high school student in Dallas, Texas. The school I attended was in one of Dallas’ wealthier suburbs, and there were a number of Jews in the school. What I and several of my classmates noticed about the Jews was their uniquely Jewish sense of humor. One doesn’t expect much delicacy in the jokes told by 14-year-olds, of course, but the thing that made the jokes that appealed especially to the Jews stand out was their scatological content. Nearly every Jewish joke involved excrement in one way or another. As I said, this Jewish tendency was so pronounced that I and my Gentile classmates noticed it and commented on it, even though we didn’t understand it. And it wasn’t that we had an exceptionally large number of budding Howard Sterns among our Jewish classmates. The inclination toward scatology is a general Jewish characteristic. Jews themselves, including Jewish psychologists, have commented on this Jewish trait often, explaining it in terms of the collective Jewish experience throughout history. It is real, and it is quite noticeable.”

He then tells an anecdote about Jewish run MTV:

“I don’t watch MTV myself, and I suspect that most White parents of teenaged girls, even very liberal and trendy parents, also don’t pay attention to what their daughters are being indoctrinated with by Sumner Redstone’s MTV. An example of which I recently became aware was brought to my attention by the filing just last week of a lawsuit against MTV in Los Angeles Superior Court. Let me give you the details: three months ago, on January 21, MTV was taping a pilot for a new show called Dude, This Sucks. Some teenaged girls were visiting the studio during the taping. A studio employee instructed them to stand on the stage in a certain place for a part of the show in which a pair of performers known as the “Shower Rangers” were to go through their routine. The girls were not told what the performance would be or how they would be involved in it.

The “Shower Rangers” were two men dressed in Boy Scout uniforms. They came on stage, turned their backs to the camera and to the teenaged spectators on the stage, dropped their trousers, bent over, and let fly with a shower of semi-liquid feces, spattering the unsuspecting girls from head to foot. Apparently they had dosed themselves with a powerful laxative prior to the performance.

To Jews, including billionaire Jewish media moguls like the owner of CBS and MTV, Sumner Redstone, this sort of thing is hilariously funny. It’s their idea of humor. Unfortunately for MTV, however, the girls who were sprayed by MTV’s “Shower Rangers” weren’t amused, nor were their parents. Last week two of the girls sued. One of them told the court:

“We were having a good time until the second act of Dude, This Sucks went on. All of a sudden I was smelling something disgusting, and I started to gag. I looked around at my friends. They were covered in something. As I looked down at myself I realized that I was too.”

Another of the plaintiffs, 14-year-old Kelly Sloat, spoke of the humiliation the girls felt when they returned to school:

“Everyone knew about it, even some of the teachers. Most of the kids were cracking jokes or wouldn’t come near us because, even though we washed off the feces, they said we smelled. I will never, ever forget what a horrible experience this was.”


The Entertainment Industry

The Jewish obsession with fecal matter is most apparent in Hollywood movies.  The film Bridesmaids, directed by Jew Paul Feig, contains a scene in which the female cast all get food poisoning. What follows is a truly sickening orgy of women defecating and vomiting all over the place. One girl throws up all over a toilet. Another then comes in and throws up on the back of the first one’s head, while a fat woman sits on the sink next to them spraying diarrhea into it and screaming. The bride then runs into the middle of a busy street and defecates all over the inside of her wedding gown. All of this is presumably supposed to be funny.

Vulgar Jewish and Hillary Clinton supporter Sarah Silverman has built a whole career on her sick and Jewish obsession with feces.  The following are the lyrics from a song(4) she sings called

The Poop Song:

It was brown and it had raisins

And we flushed it for that reason

This is who your daughters have to look up to

This is a poop song

This is a poop song

I was walking through the mall

And I had to make a poop

This is a poop song

This is a poop song

We pooped at the mall today

We pooped at the mall


Another example of disgusting, fecal obsession comes from degenerate Jewish pedophile Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg was an open pedophile and founding member of NAMBLA, which stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association. His writings were made popular by the Jew controlled media and consist of the most depraved Jewish filth that one could ever imagine

This is from a poem that he wrote about his sick and dying mother (in which he at one point contemplates having sex with) called Kaddish:

“One night, sudden attack—her noise in the bathroom—like croaking up her soul—convulsions and red vomit coming out of her mouth—diarrhea water exploding from her behind—on all fours in front of the toilet—urine running between her legs—left retching on the tile floor smeared with her black feces—unfainted—“(5)



Israeli Jews over in illegally occupied Palestine have made playing with their feces into somewhat of a national hobby. Pretty sickening stuff. One of the favorite hobbies of the occupying Jews include driving around spraying feces at Palestinians and their homes with a giant fire hose and defecating all over the inside of Palestinian homes after they’ve invaded and ransacked them.

One Palestinian woman described the antics of the Israeli occupational army of cowards as thus:

“The smell was terrible. The food was everywhere. Very disgusting smell. They put shit in the sinks, shit everywhere. Our clothes were everywhere. The last time they invaded, it was easy. They broke everything and we fixed it. But this time, they put shit everywhere: in cupboards, on beds — my bed is full of shit.”

She goes on:

“A minute ago, Sabreen opened her clothing cupboard: there was a bowl of shit in it! They used our clothes for the toilet. They broke the door of the bathroom and brought it into our room. I don’t know why.”(6)


The Holohoax

The Holocaust is a complete jewish fraud. All of the stories about it are completely made up, and they almost all include feces. One “survivor” described his experience in the camps like this:

“Filth was also tremendous. Filth. It was filthy. It was filthy even in the building where we lived. I mean, in the winter time. I mean, the toilet was…it was…it was ice. It was all ice. And then the feces and the urine all over, was overflowing…overflowing there.”(7)

Perhaps the most comical story is by Jew Irene Zisblatt, the infamous “defecating diamonds” hoaxer from top Jew propagandist Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning Last Days documentary. She claims to have preserved diamonds that her mother gave her by eating them daily and then defecating them out. According to the story, she then proceeded to rummage through her feces on the floor of the toilet house with her bare hands to find the diamonds, and then ate them again without having washed them, all to repeat the process the next day for two years straight. What the hell kind of sick mind would come up with a story like that?

In another fictional tale from this demented liar, she explains being inside of a homicidal gas chamber in which the Jews were forced to wade around naked in their own bodily fluids. If they felt the need to go to the bathroom they had no choice but to “go where they stood” down their legs and on their feet.

Jewish fecal freak Stephen Spielberg’s Oscar-winning Holohoax propaganda film Schindler’s List features a scene in which young kids hideout from the “evil Nazis” inside of a toilet—neck deep in urine and feces.

Jewish author, Joseph E. Tenenbaum, wrote about Jews having sex while inside of a feces filled toilet.

In Search of a Lost People: The Old and the New Poland he writes:

“I heard harrowing stories of these latrines of Birkenau, of how the children hid for hours in the foulness, to escape gassing, how love went on in these places and sexes mated in the dung under the threat of instantaneous death when discovered; how business thrived and gossip thrilled in these latrines. If you lost your footing in the heat of passion, you could drown!!”(9)



The Jewish pseudo-science of psychoanalysis is also loaded with fecal obsession. Jew Sigmund Freud, was himself obsessed with bathroom behavior and described the second stage of his thoroughly disturbing “psychosexual development” theory as the “anal stage,” in which, around the age of two, pleasurable sensations become centered on the anus, and children become fascinated by their own feces. This is the stage of life where “anal personalities” could develop, he claimed.

A bizarre offshoot of psychology led by Jew Lloyd deMause called Psychohistory takes the Jewish fecal obsession a step further and asserts that both the Holocaust and WWII were natural outcomes of incredibly sadistic behavior practiced on infants by the average German mother.

Here are a few passages written by deMause:

“A visitor from England described the German baby as “a piteous object; it is pinioned and bound up like a mummy in yards of bandages…it is never bathed…Its head is never touched with soap and water until it is eight or ten months old.” Their feces and urine was so regularly left on their bodies that they were covered with lice and other vermin attracted to their excreta, and since the swaddling bandages were very tight and covered their arms as well as their bodies, they could not prevent the vermin from drinking their blood. Their parents considered them so disgusting they called them “filthy lice-covered babies,” and often put them, swaddled, in a bag, which they hung on the wall or on a tree while the mothers did other tasks.The fear of being poisoned by lice was daily embedded in the fearful alter of the baby . . . ”

The fecal obsessed Jew then proceeds to project his German shit-baby theory onto the so-called mistreatment of Jews by the Third Reich:

“Jews were rounded up and made into “Bad Selves”—shit-babies—putting them into overcrowded death camps and telling them: “You’ll be eaten by lice, you’ll rot in your own shit…All are going to die.” Jews were called “pestiferous bacillus carriers,” made to live like lice-covered babies, forced to lie in barracks like they themselves were forced to live in their swaddling bands, “awash with urine and feces, forced to eat their own feces, and finally dying in showers covered with their excrement.” Repeating their parents’ curses at them as shit-babies, their guards told them “You’ll be eaten by lice; you’ll rot in your own shit, you filthy shitface.” As they killed Jews, guards told them what they imagined their mothers felt as they killed their newborn siblings: “Because you’re dirty you have to die.” They were all Bad Shit-Babies. They had to die. If they were not killed, Nazis said they would “gobble up the breast of Germany!”

The Jewish media whore and fecal obsessed Michael Lewis also wrote about the supposed fecal obsession of the Germans. In an article entitled “It’s the Economy, Dummkopf!” in the September 2011 edition of Vanity Fair he goes on a fecal-filled rant, making outrageous claims such as the following:

“After the war, Hitler’s doctors told U.S. intelligence officers that their patient had devoted surprising energy to examining his own feces, and there was pretty strong evidence that one of his favorite things to do with women was to have them poop on him.”


“Naked women fought in a metaphorical ring of filth while the spectators wore plastic caps, a sort of head condom, to avoid being splattered. “Thus,” wrote Dundes, “the audience can remain clean while enjoying dirt!” Germans longed to be near the shit, but not in it.”(9)

The Jewish menace is constantly trying to inject their sick perversions into the European Blood.  Something needs to be done about them.  Name the Jew and kick them out of your countries before it is too late.



Donald Trump and the Darkies

I think Donald Trump is very good. Sometimes I am very sad we do not have him here in Denmark. He is a very strong leader with many good thoughts, he is also rich. To be rich you have to be smart. I especially like his way of dealing with the darkies.

The darkies are increasingly becoming a problem here in Denmark, you can barely walk down the street without encountering packs of them. We desperately require a solution to control/kill the darkies.

The world needs Trump, he is an american hero and an patriot and I am very sad that he can’t also be the president of Europe. Maybe one day.

Trump is also protecting us from the Clintons, Hillary and Bill are both notorious child rapists involved in kidnapping many innocent white childrens to private rape islands on private jets.  They also have a  sceret rape dungeon in the comet ping pong pizza place.


I think we should have one white nation for all the whites in the world to keep the darkies away from polluting our genie-pool.


Perhaps one day we can secure such a future for our white children.




PS. I do not consider ANY LEFTIES to be WHITE they are DARKIES.!!!

In defense of pedophilia

Some people thought it would be funny to expose my pedophilic habits. Yes im a pedophile but I only watch kids sometimes and that’s it
The mainstream media continues to publish articles claiming that pedophilia is a “disease to humanity”. I don’t understand this and as a pedophile myself I want to say that I’m normal in every way.

As a member of the pedophilic community I consider it my responsibility to educate my peers but they usually won’t listen. They forget that pedophilia actually contrats nwith popular ideals and it’s not even a choice. I simply am a pedophlie and nothing I do can change it but I won’t try.

People need to understand us however so please share this article with your friends. Of course, you’re welcome to ask me any questions.