Freenode security warning

After the last article I want to come and provide some more details because nobody should be confused. There is something I need to warn everybody about.

On Friday I learned that in relation to the recent security breach at freenode ( the FBI is randomly inspecting freenode server data.

They included a personal server without my consent and I am very upset by this. I learned Friday that the FBI began an inspection on an IRC leaf owned by me that hosts child pornography. I need to be upfront.

I hope you all appreciate this warning and still understand that I am the same kloeri as before, despite hosting child pornography on freenode’s servers. My lawyer is going to sue the United States in the near future for my privacy violations.

In defense of pedophilia


Some people thought it would be funny to expose my pedophilic habits. Yes im a pedophile but I only watch kids sometimes and that’s it
The mainstream media continues to publish articles claiming that pedophilia is a “disease to humanity”. I don’t understand this and as a pedophile myself I want to say that I’m normal in every way.

As a member of the pedophilic community I consider it my responsibility to educate my peers but they usually won’t listen. They forget that pedophilia actually contrats nwith popular ideals and it’s not even a choice. I simply am a pedophlie and nothing I do can change it but I won’t try.

People need to understand us however so please share this article with your friends. Of course, you’re welcome to ask me any questions.