So I was dox’ed yesterday

and nobody gives a fuck.

Here’s the associated spam:

14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> rip
14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> PARTY AT Vølundsgade 31, 3. th. 2200 København N
14:53 < ~zsasz> ur unicode is broken dd0sb0ss
14:53 < ~dd0sb0ss> fuq
14:54 -!- dd0sb0ss was kicked from #freenode by kloeri_ [dd0sb0ss]
Ignoring the broken unicode that’s actually the correct information. Well done on finding this information that has been publically available (by my own choice) for several years.

It’s never been hard to find me and that’s not changing in the future just because of some silly kids either. Unlike these kids I’m actually proud of what I do and I’m more than happy to stand by my actions with my real name and even address widely available.

And for all those sensible people out there just shaking your heads at this sillyness – you’re welcome to visit, especially if you are interested in open source software or need a consultant on some project 🙂 I’d suggest contacting me by email first though.

PS. Thanks to GNAA for this obvious advertising opportunity.

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