Donald Trump and the Darkies

I think Donald Trump is very good. Sometimes I am very sad we do not have him here in Denmark. He is a very strong leader with many good thoughts, he is also rich. To be rich you have to be smart. I especially like his way of dealing with the darkies.

The darkies are increasingly becoming a problem here in Denmark, you can barely walk down the street without encountering packs of them. We desperately require a solution to control/kill the darkies.

The world needs Trump, he is an american hero and an patriot and I am very sad that he can’t also be the president of Europe. Maybe one day.

Trump is also protecting us from the Clintons, Hillary and Bill are both notorious child rapists involved in kidnapping many innocent white childrens to private rape islands on private jets.  They also have a  sceret rape dungeon in the comet ping pong pizza place.


I think we should have one white nation for all the whites in the world to keep the darkies away from polluting our genie-pool.


Perhaps one day we can secure such a future for our white children.




PS. I do not consider ANY LEFTIES to be WHITE they are DARKIES.!!!

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump and the Darkies”

  1. Wait, but half the articles here are related to how you think pedophilia is a GOOD thing. It’s only bad when Hillary Clinton and leftists do it? I guess that’s why no one ever mentions the Franklin Scandal that involved Republicans and young boys back in the 80’s or how Donald Trump mentioned being good friends with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (even mentioned how he had “good taste” in females and that many of them were “very young”).

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