Why I created the Exherbo linux project.

I’m a connoisseur of certain material that is illegal in my country Denmark, possession of which can land you in prison and your life ruined. I have been collecting the material since I was 15 years old.  I now possess around 4 terabytes of the material.  I designed Exherbo linux so that I could safely store the material without threatening my livelihood and freedom.  I believe that it is a right to possess any form of data without fear of law enforcement.  Movies and pictures that are on a computer are merely binary code.  Ones and zeros.  How can numbers be banned?  I do not believe that arbitrary laws regarding what age the partner is or if the partner consents should determine if I can store files on my computer.  For instance, biblical accounts state that at the time of her marriage to Joseph, Mary was 12 years old.  Why should we limit the age of sexual exploration to 18? I created the Exherbo linux distro in the spirit of Mary the virgin mother of Jesus with the goal of protecting people from unfair age of consent laws that the wicked Jewish shit eaters have imposed on us. By using Exherbo linux we are fighting for a God given right to store any files on our computers. Why should the state demand that models be over a certain age? What gives them the right to draw the line? I am putting this manifesto out in the open so that we can ask these questions without fear of prosecution.  In film Braveheart, William Wallace says to a crowd of men ready to fight for Scottish Independence: “They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” Why are we not free to store any and all files we want?  Why aren’t I allowed to be free and watch any form of movie that arouses me?

Download Exherbo linux at https://exherbo.com/ and fight for your rights to view any content regardless of age or consent.

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      1. Dude… Get help. Maybe you can’t help having these fucked up feelings, but you can do something about it. Get help. Defending it is wrong. Get help before you lose your grip and hurt a kid. This is not okay at all.

        1. I’m not going to hurt any children. I’m strongly opposed to any violence against children. I’m also strongly opposed to rape. I would only ever engage in consensual relations with children, but I’m not such a social person so I stick to my collection of images and videos.

          1. Lol dude if you consume then you encourage. That’s the very basics of economics. Offer and demand. You buy meet? Then you are indirectly involved in killing animals. You watch pedo pornography? Then you are indirectly involved in raping children in front of a camera.

          2. Children can’t decide what to wear or eat, yet you want their consent to sexual acts.
            Oh sure, you’ll “never going to hurt any children” – Have you ever heard of diminishing returns? You’re going to rape a child, it’s just a matter of when. Hopefully someone culls you before that can happen.

            You will suffer righteous judgement by the hand of God, unless a righteous Nord gets to you first.

          3. these kind of thoughts are not ok. you should not have indulged like this. it is too late now. you will get whats coming to u.

      2. Gay people are equals, no?

        Ultimately you would be better comparing yourself to someone into bestiality, a sexual perversion where both parties aren’t equal.

        Are you claiming to be an equal with a kid or do you just enjoy yourself knowing a kid could never hurt you? Because this is ultimately the taboo, adults into kids are just weak scared adults unable to control their impulses for easy gratification and so self absorbed they’re unable to see they’re just abusing someone’s trust and using them.

        You’re using a kid to please yourself. Would you respect someone that fucks your car or asks to borrow your cat?

    1. Mostly loli themed breakcore.

      I’ve also got a playlist of peppa pig sounds and various ice cream truck musics, which I enjoy listening to at times.

  1. I would like people to point out the market for child pornography if they make the argument that consuming is encouraging. Where is the market? I would like the people arguing against possession of digital material to substantiate their claim that collecting increases production. If you aren’t paying for it, how does it follow that people make more of it? At least if you listen to movie, video game or music industry, saving material to your PC without paying for it actually stifles production. Where is your evidence?

    Are you even certain that child pornography is produced for profit in the first place? Plenty of “child pornography” producers are the children, who video themselves and voluntarily upload or stream it on the internet. While it could be logically true that children could start uploading more material in the internet if more people download it, since they’re doing it for attention or sexual gratification, it doesn’t mean that there is some nefarious entity profiting or abusing the children. Or are you making the case that children are abusing themselves?

    It is your right to express your opinion of course, but if your opinion is not based on facts, then your opinion is worthless.

    1. If there were no consumers of child porn, there’d be no people making money off of children’s innocence.
      “Child pornography is one of the fastest growing businesses online, with estimated annual revenue of $3 billion.” https://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-l-pulido-phd/child-pornography-basic-f_b_4094430.html
      “Global child porn profits range from $3-20 billion.” http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/economy-a-budget/260731-irs-should-take-a-closer-look-at-child-porn-industry-finances

      If all the child porn was just kids voluntarily putting themselves online, it would be less of a crime. Most child porn is not voluntary. These kids get raped on camera, pimped and manipulated. By consuming the media and masturbating to it you are in fact condoning what’s going on. You’re saying “this is fine”. If this abuse made you revile and disgusted, you wouldn’t be consuming it in the first place. That in itself should be reason enough to question yourself.

      Saying movies and pictures are just “ones and zeroes” is sidestepping the issue. You can instruct someone to kill another person by just using ones and zeros, but that doesn’t make it legal or moral. Ones and zeroes are just a way of relaying data, anything can be expressed using a number if you parse it right. That’s not the point. Nobody is banning a number, they’re banning the content of a decoded number.

      I just find it baffling that some people can convince themselves when consuming actual real child porn that they’re not being malicious. The amount of navel-gazing necessary is insane.

  2. I think the problem is that people don’t understand constitutional rights and freedom. I know you said you are from Denmark (implying I don’t know if constitution applies for you), but people want to prosecute others based on their own personal morals (their own ideas and concepts of what they believe right or wrong is). But it is really right or wrong, or just an opinion? I think people are too mentally shallow to understand that. Eventually some individuals(political) with strict morals come into power and make laws that are based on personal morals, ideas/concepts (which they, themselves don’t even follow). The people accept the ideas as being holy and rightful, but not as being merely someone’s opinion. When people prosecute and incriminate others based on moral ideas and personal opinions on life, they are doing their part in eliminating everyone’s constitutional rights and freedom. In my Opinion.

    1. It will just get worst in the age of moral outrage and virtue signaling. In the end pussified society will be afraid and unwilling to procreate, and run larger health risks by having babies at a older age (e.g chance of Down syndrome increases with older women). There will also be more single couples and divorces. Good luck to Western civilization.

    1. I’m not against this notion, but what do jews have to do with AOC laws? do you think they are artificially inflating an illegal business by making it illegal to have sex with 16 year olds? Because… well, that’s a possibility.

  3. Well, as long you stay away from the real thing, more power to you. Buy yourself one of those dolls and be happy.

  4. I have spent many hours of my life imagining new and inventive ways to torture and kill pedophiles, child pornographers, and their apologists.

    1. Stop being such a try-hard, man.
      You aren’t batman, you’re a pseudonymous loser posting
      inane comments on a mentally disturbed Linux dev’s personal blog.
      Get a grip.

  5. Your daily reminder that, unlike gays, children do not have the legal capacity to give consent and child pornography is a promotion of abuse. Your daily reminder that the bible isn’t precedent for good morals. Your daily reminder that when women were betrothed or even married by 12, they would not consummate until the age of 16 (i.e. after puberty).

    1. Buts children have the right to get sex changes and say they are homosexual. Can they not be straight too? Science says their bodies change before they are 13…

  6. On one hand, you hate the Jews, which I can respect. But on the other hand, you’re a pedophile and support CP- where the fuck do you think CP comes from, dude?

  7. lol u defend ur child porn with some religious bs? i really hope u actually believe in that BS..
    ur in the wrong biz, should of been a priest

    dunno if anyone bothered but im sending ur dox/2blog posts were u confess of being a pedo and owing over 14TB of ilegal child porn to the denmark police including ur local one

  8. Are you serous? Are you f**king serious???

    “For instance, biblical accounts state that at the time of her marriage to Joseph, Mary was 12 years old. Why should we limit the age of sexual exploration to 18?”
    Why don’t we burn witches even today?
    It’s not like its something that Catholic Church characterized as bad back than.
    But if you take it by “the book”, Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus,so… you know… no intercourse and therefore no “sexual exploration”.
    But to actually answer your own question, it is because, throughout the ages, people figured out that, for starters, their brains were not yet fully developed before certain age, that they are not born with implanted judgement of what is wrong and what is right so it takes time for them to learn that…
    Do I need to continue?

    “By using Exherbo linux we are fighting for a God given right to store any files on our computers”
    God given right you say… is that a fact or just how you see things?

    “Why aren’t I allowed to be free and watch any form of movie that arouses me”
    Because the actors in them don’t truly understand the concept of what they are involved in and most of the time they were either tricked or forced to do the “act”.
    So you see it’s no longer about the data itself, but rather about how that data was created.

    All of your rambling is just a pathetic excuse to justify your actions.
    Just like killers, rapists, murderers… justify their deeds.
    But guess what.
    It doesn’t make it any less wrong just because you think it’s right!

  9. “I now possess around 4 terabytes of the material.”
    I don’t think it’s safe to confess such things on the internet, stay safe fren.

  10. 4TB what the fuck!
    Even outsideof the criticism, you have a dam porn addiction. Delete that shit, looks like you are so invested in that.

  11. Fine taste, I strongly agree, children can consent; thus they should be able to produce pornographie content, as adults do.

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