HA(r)M Reduction: Freenode is banning ##HAMRADIO

One of the Five Pillars of Freenode (FPoF) is inclusiveness. No matter their race, creed, or gender identity, people should feel empowered to talk on Freenode without fear of suffering abuse. Sometimes to protect that right for the whole, it’s necessary to remove certain entrenched and toxic elements. After more than ten years of suffering the poisonous presence of ##HAMRADIO on our network, we will be removing the channel’s registration, setting ##HAMRADIO to RESV, and issuing a permanent Z-Line for any users who are in the channel as of midnight GMT on August 1st, 2018.

We are issuing this as a public warning to users. Whether you participated in some of the disgusting and illegal acts ##HAMRADIO is infamous for, or if you are simply idling in the channel to satiate your prurient interest I must stress: You _WILL_ be z-lined without recourse if you remain in this channel.

Below is a short list of offenses committed by the members, operators, and owners of ##HAMRADIO. This moderation decision is NOT up for appeal, and I believe the list of charges below will make abundantly clear why these users are no longer welcome on our network.

Offense 1:

##HAMRADIO founder “ErrantEgo” encouraged channel users to participate in “JAMMY THE TRANNY”, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack where users jam the frequencies of ham radio enthusiasts who identify as transgender. This is an illegal act pursuant to FCC Enforcement advisory #2012-02 and carries significant monetary and criminal penalties. Victims who complained about this activity to Freenode staff members received death threats, and one transgender user who has asked not to be identified was severely injured by an explosive device mailed to xir workplace.

Offense 2:

Channel operator “Metanova” is accused of sexual misconduct at the Midwest Furfest convention by several freenode users, including two women who file police reports alleging sexual battery took place. In response to these charges, Metanova used his position as a member of the Anti-spam Meta team to blacklist his accusers and silence their pleas for help. Criminal charges are pending due to a backlog of processing rape kits in the state of Illinois, meaning Metanova is unfortunately still at large.

Offense 3:

##HAMRADIO users engaged in a “Raid” of the former channel ##siriusFM, employing DDoS attacks and spamming the personal identifying information (DOX) of its operators to all Freenode channels using a botnet. Users then spammed the personal websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds of ##siriusFM users with child abuse images, and then emailed the friends and family of these users with accusations of pedophilia. Because of the severity of this attack and the dramatic effect on the lives of its users, ##siriusFM was forced to suspend operations and is no longer an active channel.

Offense 4:

In an offensive dubbed Operation HeebHUSH, ##HAMRADIO operators crowdfunded the purchase of over one hundred Baofeng two-way radios. Channel members attached the radios to external batteries and then concealed them in the Hassidic neighborhoods of New York City. The radios were modified to continuously broadcast recordings of speeches by Adolf Hitler on the frequency used by the Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service. As a result, EMT operations were significantly impacted. The NY State Attorney General is currently investigating allegations that increased response times may have caused the deaths of as many four Hassidic Jews who died en-route to the hospital during the attack. While I personally find this commendable, it does go against Freenode policy.


Any one of these offenses should have been enough to warrant a permanent ban from Freenode and I want to personally apologize to our users for not acting sooner. Going forward we will be much more proactive in identifying and eliminating channels that act as hotbeds for hatred. I consider it a mark of deep shame these terrible acts were allowed to continue for so long. I hope with time you can begin to forgive us for our terrible failure.


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