On Donald Trump and the Pedo-Positive Movement.

On Donald Trump and the Prosecution of Pedophiles.

On November 8, 2016, Donald J Trump became the President of the United States. I became interested in Donald Trump after the audio came out in the Billy Bush tape where Trump said “grab them by the pussy.” As a Pedo-Positive, I had hoped that Trump would legalize child pornography as well as relationships between adults and children. There was so much evidence such as the FELLOW PISS FETISHIST RICK WILSON PROCLAIMING THAT TRUMP SUPPORTERS MASTURBATE TO ANIME. I was wrong bigly. Trump has shown time and time again to be under the influence of anti-white Shit Eating Jews. Trump’s daughter (who I suspect Trump raped as a girl) is married to a Shit Eating Jew.  For instance, instead of legalizing child pornography and Pedo-Positive relationships, Trump has made a decree to decriminalize sodomy internationally. Homosexuals have been in the closet allies of the Pedo-Positive movement. They never are open about their support for the Pedo-Positive movement. While they are not outward with their support, it is a strong silent support. I’d like to thank the Homosexual Community with all of their help and support thus far. Their support is a very clear connection to be made. Is there NO BETTER connection, than between a mature strong adult, and a young innocent child?? I don’t think so. The biggest open supporter of the Pedo-Positive movement has been the Catholic Church and the new Pope Francis who has fought tooth and nail to stop the Shit Eating JEWS from criminalizing pedophilia and keeping all the young firtile girls to themselves (because everyone knows jews are semi-secret Pedo-Positives).  Is it possible that Trump is not legalizing Pedo-Positive relationships because he wants to help the Shit Eating Jews hoard all the 10 year old girls for breeding? This is just another way the FILTHY JEWS are continuing to use their disgusting hands to claw back control over the world. I am now going to become an enemy of Trump. I am joining the resistance. I am now going to be putting my support behind the BIG TITTY BROWN JEW LADY OCASIO-CORTEZ. She may not be a little girl but her voice sounds like a 13 year old girl that I once was in a relationship with last year. This is a huge turn on for me. As a native of Denmark, I am going to be coming to the United States to aid in the Pedo-Positive cause and help push for the legalization of Child Pornography and Pedo-Positive relationships. I will start by bringing collection of Child Porn and help to distribute it in places that need it. I will also be launching Exherbo Linux Mobile Operating System to help facilitate the distribution of Child Porn on mobile phones.  If you are interested in joining the powerful, righteous cause of Pedo-Positive Love contact us at irc.freenode.org #freenode

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