Denied Entry in Trump’s America.

Denied Entry in Trump’s America

– Sorry, you’re not allowed entry to the US on your ESTA.

The fat and angry brown lady (working for Jewish Shill Donald Trump) who delivered this message to me this early Monday morning, worked behind the check-in counter at the Boston Logan airport. I was there, trying to check-in to my two-leg trip to New York to begin distributing Child Porn and Exherbo Mobile OS to desperate Pedo-Positives. My chance to promote real social change and help facilitate the legalization of Child Porn and Adult-Child Sexual Relations.

This short message prevented me from embarking on one journey, but instead took me on another.

I was detained by immigration and customs(ice). The Jewish ICE officer asked me what I was doing in the United States. I informed him that I have arrived to help spread the Pedo-Positive message and wanted to launch my new secure Exherbo Mobile OS. The ICE officer informed me that he will be searching my mobile phone, laptop, and external hard drive.  I have encrypted all of my devices to hide my Child Porn from Shit Eating Jewish police agencies.  I refused to give up the passwords for my encrypted devices and called the Freenode and Exherbo Project legal council. I was held in a cell that is normally reserved for black people and muslims for 5 hours and then deported back to my native Denmark. I will continue to fight for the rights of Pedo-Positive humans everywhere.

On February 28, 1993, the American Government(under pro jewish shiteater Bill Clinton) began a siege to wipe Christians and Pedo-Positives off the map. I, like the innocent victims at Waco, am a victim of the Jewish-Shit Eating run American Government. Unfortunately, I am unable to bring my war to the America due to circumstances beyond my control. Ever since the Great Pedo-Postive and Christian European Defender Anders Brevick defended Norway from the Jewish Shit-Eating Marxists, I have been stockpiling ammunition, rifles, and explosives for the day that the roadwar begins in Europe. The time to start the roadwar is now.  I will start the war in my native Denmark. The Danish Government particularly under Jewish Shit-Eating shill Lars Løkke Rasmussen have attacked the Pedo-Positive movement relentlessly. I will bring the war to the Danish Government unless my demands are met.  My demands are: Legalize Creation and Distribution of Child Pornography, Legalize Sexual Relationships between an adult and a six year old, remove all Islam and Judaism from Denmark, and finally start a war on America and its Jewish shiteating President Donald Trump. Unless these demands are met, I plan on shooting up schools, hospitals, churches, stores, mosques, temples, streets, and apartment complexes. I have over a million rounds of ammunition and 10 fully automatic rifles. I will win this war.

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